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“Frozen 2” is better than “Frozen”

By Giselle Maldonado

Staff Writer

I was eagerly waiting for “Frozen 2” because I enjoyed seeing the “Frozen” and wanted to see if the sequel was going to be better. The new movie came out on Nov. 22 after its arrival was announced earlier that summer. “Frozen 2” was a big hit — usually sequels don’t do as well, so I wanted to see if this one would break the stereotype. 

“Frozen 2” starts off with the new life of sisters, Elsa and Anna and soon a conflict arises in Arendelle. Elsa hears a mysterious voice and travels to find out what it is. This movie is mainly about Elsa finding her roots. 

The purpose is to keep me entertained, and it satisfies me in some parts. However, I found myself falling asleep in some parts of the movie because it was kind of boring. There were parts where I thought it was too long. Usually when I see a movie I forget that I’m in a theater; however, with this film I was constantly reminded that I was watching a long movie. 

In “Frozen”, I found it to be really slow and there was too much singing. The first strength in “Frozen 2” I found is that there was more action and more entertainment. The adventure was bigger, the conflict seemed more intense and the relationships were better developed. 

Leading to the second strength, I saw the amount of character development and how I seemed to be more emotionally invested with the main characters and learned about the characters past a surface level. There was much more character development in the second one because I got to know the characters more and find out why they do what they do. 

However, a weakness that I noticed was how, although there was more action, I still found some parts to be too slow. The pacing of the movie seemed to focus on unnecessary parts of the movie that made the movie hard to keep watching. Another weakness is the fact it was too long for a young audience; the typical audience that watches it is younger children, and I found this movie to be too boring for such a young audience. 

People should watch “Frozen 2” because I think it does a better job of entertaining than the first movie. Although I found myself falling asleep, I think it’s good for kids that can sit through the movie. I rate this movie a 7 out of 10.

Featured Image (at the top of this post): This is the official logo for the “Frozen 2” film. PHOTO CREDIT: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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