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PHOTO ESSAY: Community members advocate for equality in the Women’s March

By Judy Ly

Rainier Editor-in-Chief

Unlike any other casual Saturday, thousands of people were connected with the same value: equality. After gathering at San Jose City Hall, families and friends make their way through Downtown San Jose for the Women’s March: Our Power Counts.

Thousands of people, with posers and bright pink clothing, arrives at Guadalupe River Park after marching. PHOTO CREDIT: Judy Ly


“Save our democracy.

I’m in the Senate.”

After going by “accident” last year, Michaela Motch went to the Women’s March today after coming across a Facebook Ad.

“It’s just really inspiring being with so many people who believe the same thing you do and like being challenged to do more than what you think you’re doing,” Motch said.

Jessica Gonzalez and Michaela Motch (left to right) proudly hold their signs up during the Women’s March event. PHOTO CREDIT: Judy Ly

Alongside her is Jessica Gonzalez, who has participated in the Women’s March twice before. She said the reason she comes is because it’s a place for people to be heard.

“We’re all coming together, knowing that we’re not alone; our anger; I guess the way that we want to reject and not accept the thing, the way they are right now coming as a community,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez’s poster states:

“You should smile run for office more.”

Rainier senior Amanda Flores decided to go the march in hopes to raise awareness and fight against the oppression women face. She said how women and men should have equal opportunities because the only true difference is in regards to genitals.

“We’re extremely oppressed,” Flores said. “For what? We have the same amount of strength. We have the same amount of intelligence.”

Rainier seniors Amanda Flores and Alan Do (left to right) walks around the booths. PHOTO CREDIT: Judy Ly

Amanda shows a poster that states:

“Protect safe, legal abortion.”



Left: “Keep your policies off my body.”

Right: “This is not fine! #WomensMarch2020”

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