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Tahoma student reporters explore community

EDITOR’S NOTE: For the latest round of reporting at Summit Public Schools: Tahoma, student journalists were encouraged to explore the unique parts of their community. Below are the stories created by the students that highlight underreported areas of interest to the Tahoma community.


Disney’s impact on the art community

By Yasmeen Ali

Disney has been the center of attention for visually appealing animation over the past decade. As creative minds grow, so does inspiration to create impactful stories that have encouraged artists’ imagination to soar.

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These decorations adorn the wall in Ms. Hernandez’s room. PHOTO CREDIT: Uma Datta

Multiple languages are important to Tahoma

By Uma Datta

Tahoma is a fairly small school, and, despite the diverse teachers and students, the foreign language course selection is smaller than some other schools, even when taking into account what other options Expeditions (the school’s electives program) includes.

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Alysa Liu laces up her skates, laughing with her best friend Juliana Newton. PHOTO CREDIT: Deanne Fitzmaurice

In the midst of hard training, figure skaters form strong bonds

By Maddie Knight

Loud laughter can be heard from the table in the left-back corner at Oakland Ice Center. Several parents sigh in annoyance at the teenagers, but they can’t complain about the rink’s top skater. It’s 14-year-old Alysa Liu, joining several of her friends as they lace up their skates for their first of four daily training sessions.

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Advocates at LifeMoves serve the homeless population in the Bay Area. PHOTO CREDIT: LifeMoves

Advocates seek attention for homelessness in Bay Area

By Kylie Gallegos and Destiny Holliman

Homelessness is a big issue that does affect San Jose and can be seen. Even though it is commonly seen, individuals without a home are commonly dehumanized, with others not realizing that many times it’s not their fault.

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Professional esport gamer competes in cyber tournament. PHOTO CREDIT: Flickr

The future of esports is growing

By Emily Nguyen, Eric Spyropoulos and Dania Zamudio

John Chau is a collegiate esports player who spends hours playing video games. His day consists of going to classes and practicing with his teammates and coaches. “We have a reserved area where the scholarship players can play. On the weekends, they usually come in before the arena opens and play scrims and all that.”

Here is the full story on Adobe Spark!

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