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Excitement builds for upcoming film festival

By Jacob Kahn-Samuelson, Maxwell Taniguchi-King and Nethan Sivarapu

Staff Editors

For the first time, Summit Public Schools will have a film festival competition where students from all California campuses can submit short films to be judged. The festival is planned to take place in early April on Summit Rainier’s campus, with the winner of the festival receiving an iPad. 

On Dec. 13, the film festival creators held an informational lunch meeting where students were encouraged to follow the social media accounts for the film festival on Instagram, Snapchat (Summit Film Festival), Twitter and Facebook; organizers can also be reached at

The founders of the festival, along with students present at the info meeting, were interviewed about their thoughts on the film festival:

The assistant director of the film festival, Tahoma senior Ethan Farro, wanted to involve himself in the festival to help the Summit community: “I figured it would be beneficial to the community to provide them with the creative outlet, that platform to express themselves, because I feel like that is really present in a lot of work and the culture of the school.”

Meanwhile, possible participants in the festival are anticipating the benefits of submitting to the event. For many of them, it will not be their first time making films.

Tahoma senior Samuel Mata talked about his experience with making films at Summit: “For freshman year, I took Intro to Video Production, and we made a lot of films there. We learned how to write scripts and learned how to edit videos.” Mata went on to say, “My second year I was in Advanced Video Production, and we learned more techniques in learning how to edit film and different types of shots.”

Ryan Kenny, a Tahoma freshman who has previously made films for fun with his younger brother, is excited for the Summit community of filmmakers. Kenny is hoping to receive feedback on his films.

Kenny said, “I like the idea that there is a community for this and that I have the opportunity to submit to the festival.” Kenny is also looking forward to improving as a filmmaker: “I think it is going to be a good way to practice making better and more meaningful short films.”

The film festival is not just a competition for everyone; for some, the film festival will serve as motivation to create more films. Students are planning on collaborating for their submissions. 

Tahoma sophomore Anjolique Pham is hoping her submission will inspire her to make films again: “I hope I can spark a passion for making videos again like I used to in prior years and have fun with my friends while also creating content that others will enjoy.”

Submissions to the festival must be entered by March 14, and can be submitted through Google Forms or to

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