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Multimedia students venture out into the community

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Summit News Staff Writers at Summit Preparatory Charter High School in Redwood City created these community journalism multimedia packages to highlight stories that are important to their school and relevant to their local community.


Students internalize human rights

By Jovani Contreras

At Summit Prep there are two human rights Expeditions courses: U.S Human Rights and International Human Rights. Through all the differences in teaching, class behavior, and subject, a similar, vital message has gotten through to students of each class: Human rights are rights that all humans have to protect us.

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Immigrants come for a better life

By Hannah Murrieta and Giselle Maldonado

Mexican immigrants in the Bay Area feel happy to start a new life. They also reported missing their home country and feeling the struggles of learning a new language in the United States.

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Smash Bros has rich history in the Bay Area

By Joseph Dieckmann

This piece provides a brief history of Smash Bros with a focus on the game’s development in the Bay Area and the rivalry between the West Coast and East Coast. Despite the lack of top players in the Bay Area, the Bay Area Smash Bros scene has a great community and a deep, rich and vibrant history. 

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K-pop brings students together

By Yoeli Romero

In this article, students were interviewed and asked what they thought about the music genre of K-pop. Students that were either fans and non-fans were interviewed; they gave their own viewpoints on the fans and the music itself. Additionally, this piece explains how K-pop has made the students of Summit Prep become closer to each other because of their similar interest.

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Redwood City car community feels like family

By Jorge Zamora

This article shows the perspective of the car community through a car enthusiast lens and explains how the car community is more than just a group of people. The car community is sometimes looked down upon and seen as something bad to other people, but to others it is a lifestyle and is the most impactful aspect of their lives.

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Student Senate creates community

By Rosie Esteverena

Student Senate is bringing a sense of community at Summit Prep. It gives students a safe place where they can meet people and share their ideas and help the school.

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Gentrification is causing community members to leave

By Nina Gonzalez, Cristina Ramirez, Salette Vazquez and Eli Zelaya

Gentrification is affecting the community members in Redwood City because of rising rent. Students and teachers at Summit Prep have observed many changes, including new construction.

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Art can be expressive or calming to a person

By Fabiana Munoz

Students at Summit Prep often feel that art can be calming and can help with self-expression, as well as their creativity. Art is used as a gateway for self-expression by some students; others reported using it as a catharsis.

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Mental heath is overriding human minds

By Carlos Moreno

Improving mental health takes time and patience. Engagement between family members is one of the most effective ways to do so. It is also important that schools provide the space and resources to support their community members.

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Is the food supplied to Summit suitable for students?

By Joseph Deaser, Nirvaan Nair and Fabrizio Olivares

Summit Prep students don’t really like the food served at lunch. The company who caters the food is called LunchMaster. While they say their food is homemade, it doesn’t seem that way.

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Summit students see a downward spiral in the news

By Sam Gurdus and John Pache

After President Trump’s election, political opinions have become polarized. Faith in the government is very low. Summit Prep students’ opinions on the future vary greatly, but many agree that the present is very bad.

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