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Student panelists share college experience with Rainier

By Karla Tran

Staff Editor

The college students who came to Rainier asked and answered questions about what college life is like after high school. Questions such as “What’s college life like?” and “Is college fun?” gave Rainier students enrolled in the Expeditions course College Readiness a sense of what college looks like.

On Sept. 19, a group of college students had a panel about College Readiness which took place in Expeditions teacher Melissa Thiriez’s room.

Four current college students, three of whom graduated from Rainier, came back to share their own personal experience applying to colleges and their day-to-day life on a college campus. They also shared things such as what they would do differently in high school and gave the Rainier students advice about college. 

Kenson Nguyen explained, “I was choosing between two or three schools. I guess as soon as I visited UCLA, I knew that UCLA was for me. It was one of the best schools I got in to.”

Jesus Lopez added, “I was expecting to be a little bit out of me comfort zone because I know that college is going to be challenging for myself. But it’s honestly, no matter what, you’ll never be alone. If you think that you’re suffering in college, everyone going through college is too.”

Lopez continued, “I guess that I would just say that time really does fly by. Once you’re a junior, the next thing you know you’ll be graduating high school. So I would say that it’s important to be in the moment and use your time wisely because if you choose to work hard, you can do anything you please.”

At the student panel, Rainier students got a little bit more insight of what they can expect in college. Some students learned that college can be difficult; but if they choose to work hard, they can accomplish anything. The college students that came to the panel taught the students to not be scared to take risks both in school and in life overall.

Featured image (at the top of this post): Student panelists come in to Rainier’s College Readiness course to share and answer questions about their own college experiences with the students. PHOTO CREDIT: Karla Tran

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