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The Student Informer: An Introduction

Dear Summit News readers,

I am writing to you to introduce myself and the perspective I bring to the political opinion column I will write this year; my name is Ben Alexander, and I am a senior at Summit Shasta. I come to you as an active member of Shasta’s Student Advocacy Club (a part of Shasta Student Government that promotes change based on student needs) and bring a politically progressive opinion on current events and politics.

This column will provide opinions on what is happening outside of Summit Public Schools. I will write critical analysis concerning political events on a local, national and global scale. This could include anything from political action to ballot propositions to federal policy.

In Shasta’s student advocacy group, I have worked to bring student elections and student voice to the school, while outside of Shasta, I have volunteered for local political campaigns.  I believe in active participation in democracy and have and will continue to be an advocate for it.

Equally important, I have a progressive political voice. That means I believe government should be used to solve problems, encourage open democracy and promote civil and economic equity. My views fundamentally come from the idea that all people should be equal and we should do whatever we can to do the most good for the most people. 

Moreover, I find it important to acknowledge my perspective as a student, one who believes in the importance of learning. I come from a family of educators and thus hold teachers in high esteem. 

In all, I hope this column will open minds to new ideas and facilitate useful discussion toward a better common future. 

FEATURED IMAGE: Ben Alexander poses in front of the American flag for his political opinion column. PHOTO CREDIT: Michael MacCallum

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