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Summit Prep prepares for Good Morning America feature

By Kai Lock

Summit Prep Editor-in-Chief

This was not just another week for Summit Prep; in fact it might’ve been one of the most exciting weeks this year has to offer for both faculty and students. Diane Tavenner, the founder of Summit Public Schools, has recently written a book, “Prepared”, which mentions Summit Prep. Correspondingly, Good Morning America came to do a feature on the book and film Prep’s students and teachers. 

The feature will be aired on Sept. 17, in the 8 a.m. block. For more information, see the video below regarding the preparation Summit Prep did for the feature piece:

Preparation for the school required faculty to take charge on various fronts. Lucretia Witte, the Expeditions Executive Director, stated that they were “moving furniture, taking down old posters, [and] rehanging things in the hallway.” The second front they were preparing for was the student interviews.

Good Morning America interviewed a selected few students from the school to learn more about what they thought of the school. Vanessa Carrillo, a Summit junior, explained how she prepared for her interview: “We’ve had two meeting with the PR, and she’s asked me a couple questions about myself and similar questions to what I’ll do in the interview.”  

Jonathan Garvin, a Summit Prep senior, talked about his excitement to hold an interview with Good Morning America: “I’m most excited about talking about my school and speaking my truth.” While this seems like an exciting time for everyone, both faculty and students have faced some challenges as well. 

Witte explained one of the challenges she’s faced throughout this process was the short time the Expeditions have spent at Prep. “I don’t feel like we’re totally settled in.” Carrillo stated that one of the biggest obstacles she faced was “trying to get in all of my thoughts in before we shoot.”

Witte said that overall, “I just feel really excited and proud that they are coming to observe our schools especially Summit Prep, and it makes me happy that Expeditions gets to be here when that’s happening.” 

Update: Click here to see the finished Good Morning America feature!


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