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Rainier’s community says hard goodbyes to its Dean of Instruction and Culture

By Keith Dinh


Rainier’s community, over the last year, has made many lasting memories with its Dean of Instruction and Culture, Aileen George. While her decision to leave was a hard one to make, there are many students and faculty in the community who will greatly miss her, as she has made a lasting impact on them.

On Friday, April 19, Rainier Dean of Instruction and Culture Aileen George gave a public announcement that she will be stepping down from her role as dean come the next school year.

Rainier students, especially female students, have expressed their feelings about Ms. George’s departure; her role made a difference in the community and for the school, and she served as a voice for all students. Her absence this upcoming school year means that there could be less female representation in the administration; if another female administrator is not hired, female students will likely feel the loss.

Isela Mosqueira, a Rainier Spanish teacher, spoke of her favorite memories with Ms. George from the past year and gave a heartwarming goodbye as she said, “My favorite memory is at our staff retreat; Ms. George brought a karaoke machine, and we had the most fun ever doing karaoke and hanging out that it just wasn’t on school campus. That’s probably one of my favorite, most fun memories with Ms. George … [To Ms. George] You have made Rainier a better and brighter place, and we’re going to miss you a lot, but I’m also so excited and so happy for you in your next adventures, and I love you!”

See below for more on the Rainier’s community’s perspective on Ms. George’s tenure:

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