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Entrepreneurship gives students a look into business

By Alan Rivera

Staff Writer

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have all found success through big business. Their examples have encouraged people to follow in their paths through the creation of their own companies, and Denali students are given a first-hand look at the needed skills to do so in the Entrepreneurship Expeditions course, which teaches students how they can start and run businesses while creating their own products.

“We basically learn business stuff: like how to manage your money, and how you hire employees and how you pay the employees like the monthly wages,” Denali sophomore Xavier Eusty said.

Denali sophomore Stevian Arguello said understanding and using gross profit plays a large role in the course. “I can help people when they’re stuck or if they need a certain type of equation to figure out something like gross profit,” he explained.

See below for a video about the Entrepreneurship course:

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