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Adulting 101 teaches students independence

By Kyle Kobetsky and Evangeline Si
Staff Writers

Most schools leave students unqualified for their adulthood, but the Expeditions course Adulting 101 explores how to prepare students for the near future. The course focuses on increasing students’ well-being and ensuring they are able to develop the skills necessary to live alone.

“In Adulting, I teach five areas of well-being that have been studied by the Gallup polling agency. So we look at ways to increase a student’s well-being in areas of finance, career, community, physical and also personal well-being,” Adulting 101 teacher Aaron Calvert said. “There are a lot of really important concepts that don’t necessarily get talked about at school that they will face, like, for instance, how to pay your taxes, or how to look at college loans or how to develop healthy nutritional habits.”

Denali junior Claire Mallinson said the course was a good complement to her other studies. “I was specifically focusing on preparing for the future, so since I was already taking College Readiness, I thought Adulting would be a nice addition to that … It’s been nice to talk about the future outside of an academic sense and try to prepare yourself for the living part of it.”

See below for a video about the Adulting 101 course:

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