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Students learn life skills in Intro to Visual Arts

By Angela Hwang and Nadia Tatishcheva

Staff Writers

Introduction to Visual Arts, an Expeditions art course at Summit Public School: Denali, trains students in techniques they need should they choose to pursue a career in visual arts. Should they choose not to seek a profession in art, they will still learn many skills applicable to life and other employments such as keeping an open mind and following through with projects.

“[I learned] how to apply myself to my art and not get sidetracked by another project that’s less important,” Denali sophomore Megan Butler Edwards said.

Denali freshman Ella Chen explained that the visual arts projects vary in both style and content. “Some of them draw more of your narrative side, and then some of them were more about your symbolism, so you can incorporate all of them into your art.”

Mathew Scicluna, the Intro to Visual Arts teacher, said students should “know that they are going to work hard; but if they work hard, then they’ll accomplish a lot throughout the semester.”

See below for a video about the Intro to Visual Arts course:

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