Intro to Psychology class identifies the science behind human behaviors

By Kyle Kobetsky and Evangeline Si

Staff Writers

If you’ve ever wondered why your favorite TV show character acts and talks the way they do, the Intro to Psychology Expeditions course covers exactly that. In the Intro to Psychology course, students choose a fictional character and analyze their behaviors and personalities.

“We got to study the psychology of our favorite movie or television character, which was really fun, so we got to use our own interests — I used Jake Peralta from ‘Brooklyn 99’ — and then analyze their psychology and developmental theories,” Denali sophomore Abby Bendixen said.

Intro to Psychology isn’t just psychoanalyzing your favorite show, as students also learn their personal psychology and human behaviors. “We go over the brain; neurotransmitters and how those impact everything you do; talk about nature vs nurture — so was it how you were born that made you the way you are or how you were raised? At the end of the the year you get to do a big ‘Why Do People …’ which is deciding what is most interesting to you and getting some real answers,” Intro to Psychology teacher Vaughan Wilkins said.

“I’ve learned … the broad basics of psychology through behaviorism to biological processes of behavior, so like drugs and how they influence your brain,” Denali junior Miles Chen said.

See below for a video about the Intro to Psychology course:

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