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College Readiness changes how students view college

By Alex Twoy

Staff Writer

As soon as you walk into College Readiness, you can feel the curiosity and eagerness in the room. College Readiness is a mandatory Expeditions course for all Summit students during their junior year of high school. In the course, students come up with life plans, take steps to make themselves more competitive in the college admissions process and prepare for scholarship and loan applications.

College Readiness teacher Melissa Thiriez said that College Readiness can change students’ points of view about college. “I’ve seen my students grow in a lot of different ways,” she said. Her favorite part is seeing students’ views change “over time because of their own realizations” and “because of their new experiences.”

Denali junior Ellen Hu said that College Readiness changed her point of view about college. Her favorite part of the course was “being able to explore different colleges and see what options I had.” She added, “We had talked about it before with our mentors, but I had never really explored them myself and this gave me the opportunity to learn different tools and different things that I needed in order to find those schools.”

Denali junior Tamara Pacheco said that a key aspect of College Readiness is keeping an open mind. “Be open-minded, honestly,” she said. “Some don’t realize how helpful the class can be.”

See below for a video about the College Readiness course:


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