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Denali introduces Self-Guided Study to Summit Expeditions

By Ellen Hu

Denali Editor-in-Chief

During the 2019-20 school year, Summit juniors will get a chance to practice their self-directed learning through a new Expeditions course that was first introduced to Summit Denali High School this year. Currently, the half-day course allows juniors to study for AP classes or conduct an independent study while still participating in the required College Readiness course.

“We can only offer so many courses as Expeditions teachers and at Summit,” Self-Guided Study teacher Rebecca Breuer said. She believes that this course is great for students who want to expand on their knowledge in certain subjects.

“If you really like a subject that is not taught in school, or it’s just something you want to try out, this is a great opportunity,” Denali junior Leopold Chen said.

The class gives students a chance to experience a sense of “freedom” Denali junior Cameron Hess said. “She would say that if we need to go to the bathroom or get water we could just go. It gives you more independence.”

During the course, students can study the following AP classes: 2-D Art and Design, 3-D Art and Design, Art History, Drawing, Music Theory, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Comparative Government and Politics, European History, Human Geography, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Psychology, United States Government and Policies, United States History, World History: Modern, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Computer Science A, Computer Science Principles, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics 1, Physics 2, Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, Physics C: Mechanics, Chinese Language and Culture, French Language and Culture, German Language and Culture, Italian Language and Culture, Japanese Language and Culture, Latin, Spanish Language and Culture and Spanish Literature and Culture.  

During the pilot year, students were given the chance to participate in an independent study or an AP study course. In the future, students will only be given the option to study for an AP course. “[Changes] will depend on the teachers who are doing it and at what site,” Ms. Breuer said. Self-Guided Study will be introduced to Summit Prep, Everest, Summit Tahoma, Summit Rainier and Summit Shasta in the 2019-20 school year.

Ms. Breuer plans to continue supervising the course at Denali. Students who are interested can contact Expeditions Dean Kalyn Olson at to discuss next steps.

See below for a video about the Self-Guided Study course:

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