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Tahoma community commemorates student work in Expeditions

By C.M. Bateman and Caden Vu

Staff Writers

Parents, siblings and friends of students filled the walkways of Summit Tahoma, gathering together for its annual Celebration of Learning event. Celebration of Learning is Tahoma’s showcase of work students have accomplished over the year in their Expeditions courses. People are welcome to roam from classroom to classroom to learn about the unique aspects of each Expeditions class through student-led presentations.

“I think it’s wonderful; it’s a great opportunity to see all the terrific things that go on in the Expeditions,” a Tahoma parent, Larry Samuelson, said. Another parent, Nora Wilkinson, said, “It’s great; I think it’s always nice to get together as a community and see what the students are up to.” Both parents have children who are juniors at Tahoma.

Various attractions were scattered around campus for everyone to enjoy. People sold food and snacks like pizza, popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones. The faculty raffled off prizes, like shirts, candy and even a flat-screen TV.

Each class held presentations in a classroom to exhibit what students learned during their eight weeks of Expeditions coursework.

Students who took Independent Study and Internship created posters to demonstrate what they did and learned during their time in Expeditions.

Intro to Programming had games made from an AI program. One of the games consisted of a bee collecting pollen on a computerized grid of flowers. Robotics demonstrated the various robots they created from Lego pieces and put them to the test through different games the students made.

The Stage Combat class performed a play for their audience. Groups took turns performing an act that tells a story in silence utilizing skills commonly used in miming.

Intro to Drama performed multiple skits and monologues, including a piece from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The advanced course, Modern Acting & Theatre, performed a showcase which featured the play “Selfie” by Bradley Hayward, scenes from “Dear Evan Hansen” and other monologues from the upperclassmen.

Students in classes like Human Psychology, Human Rights and Ethnic Studies made trifolds of a topic they researched in depth for Celebration of Learning.

Students enrolled in the two journalism courses covered the evening by taking photos of every presentation and interviewing the audience.

Parents especially enjoyed the night’s festivities. Tahoma parent Vicky Tran said, “Our child is new at the school and we just want to … check things out, see what’s going on. She seems to like it here, and I think I know why.”

Staff Writers Omar El-Bandrawy and Erick Godinez contributed to this article.

Click this link to see Tahoma’s newsletter for more information about the Celebration of Learning showcase. Click here to see an interactive catalog of Tahoma’s Expeditions courses. 

See below for a video of the event:

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