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Students explore their newfound interest in robotics

By Jacob Kahn-Samuelson and Maxwell Taniguchi-King

Staff Editors

In room P4, there are robots on bookshelves, legos on tables and specialized sensors all around. Working in groups of two or three, the students build their robots one piece at a time and program them with one line of code at a time.

Sherri Taylor, the Robotics teacher, aims to fuel her students’ interests in robotics through these materials and to provide a program to promote self-directed learning. Ms. Taylor has enjoyed her first year of teaching at Summit and has been impressed that her students have grown more comfortable with the Robotics class.

Ms. Taylor talked about the highlight of the year in Robotics class: “The coolest thing for me was when I could find their on switch that made them go from ‘I don’t really want to be here’ to ‘Oh, I get to do that, awesome!’ and then they would be a totally different person.”

Tahoma sophomore Gabriel Benyamin felt that this experience in Robotics has helped him to better understand and recognize his passion for robotics.

See below for a video about the Robotics course:

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