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New self-directed learning Expeditions course is coming to Tahoma

By William Butler

Staff Editor 

Summit Tahoma has always had core values of self-directed learning and preparing students for college. For school year 2019-20, there will be a new course introduced into the Tahoma Expeditions courses that is designed for juniors who are interested in studying for an AP test that Tahoma doesn’t offer.

This course will be beneficial to juniors, as they cannot enroll in full-day independent study or internships because they must enroll in the half-day College Readiness course. The new class, entitled Self-Guided Study, allows juniors to study something that they are passionate about; they can then take the corresponding AP test.

The teacher who will be supervising Self-Guided Study at Tahoma is Liz DeOrnellas. Students who are interested can contact Ms. DeOrnellas at or reach out to the Expeditions Dean, Monica Hanson, at 

See below for a video about the Self-Guided Study course:

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