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Intro to Visual Arts allows students to express themselves

By Jasmine Lewis

Staff Writer

Intro to Visual Arts, the Expeditions course at Tahoma, gives students the opportunity to learn different art techniques. The course shows students they do not always have to be perfect, and they can make mistakes.

Mathew Scicluna teaches Intro to Visual Arts as well as Intermediate Visual Arts. The introductory class welcomes anyone, and students do not have to have any art experience. Students are expected to work hard and produce quality work.

Yasmeen Ali, a Tahoma sophomore, said her favorite part of the course is the “freedom we have to express ourselves through our work like through watercolor.”   

The course lets students communicate their emotions through familiar methods like painting and drawing, as well as through more unconventional methods, such as cutting out paper to make images. Mr. Scicluna said, “Intro [to Visual Arts] is a place to express yourself and learn how to express yourself through art.”

See below for a video about the Intro to Visual Arts course:

Featured image (at the top of this post): Students at Tahoma display their watercolor painting of trees. PHOTO CREDIT: Gisella Corona- Torrez

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