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Intermediate Visual Arts lets students draw on their creative thinking

By Noel Cintron and Parker Liefson

Staff Writers   

Many people are challenged by stress and anxiety; Intermediate Visual Arts helps them deal with these issues as they express their creativity. The Intermediate Visual Arts course is a class taught by Mathew Scicluna. The purpose of this class is for students to express themselves by making art. The students who take the class can paint or draw or employ any other creative form.

When asked about his thoughts on the Intermediate Visual Arts class, Mr. Scicluna said: “Visual Arts is really important as it gives people an outlet to express themselves through another form of medium.”  

Tahoma sophomore Brian Arias Lopez explained why he enjoys Intermediate Visual Arts: “Visual Arts is a class that makes it fun for me because, even though I’m bad at drawing, I get to enjoy doing what I like because he doesn’t give us a certain topic – like saying, ‘Oh you have to do this and this has to be done by then and then’ – he says no; he lets us do our own thing and explore.”

Tahoma sophomore Angel Escobar explained why he enjoys Intermediate Visual Arts: “The teacher’s pretty laid back and the teacher talks to us like real people not like students, and that’s pretty fun.”  

See below for a video about the Intermediate Visual Arts: 

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