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Ethnic Studies emerges in Summit Tahoma classrooms

By Cyrus Shakeri

Staff Writer

Ethnic Studies is a controversial class taught at Summit Tahoma during Expeditions that some feel is necessary to understand their own cultural background and heritage. Ethnic Studies helps students understand controversial topics happening around the world.

Ethnic Studies has been banned in the state of Arizona. The ban has been the subject of controversy, and a federal judge has ruled that the ban on Ethnic Studies violates students’ constitutional rights.

Ethnic Studies is a multipurpose class emerging along the West Coast. It consists of controversial topics such as police brutality, immigration and other political issues. Students discuss these topics and how they can be resolved. Angel Barragan teaches Ethnic Studies during Expeditions at Summit and helps students understand their cultural heritage.

Mr. Barragan explained the perspective of students in the course: “Students have a great opportunity to learn about themselves and other people that are different from them.” He added, “Ethnic Studies helps students learn about issues that are affecting everyone.”

Mr. Barragan then spoke about the ultimate goal of the class: “I just want students to be more woke than the moment they first came into my class.”

Tahoma freshman Miles Thompson shared a similar view on Ethnic Studies: “When you walk in, you don’t really know about where you came from, but when you walk out you get more of an understanding.” He said the class has also had an impact on him outside of the classroom: “This class helps me outside of school because it teaches me about different races.”

See below for a video about the Ethnic Studies course:

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