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College Readiness prepares students for the future

By Erick Godinez

Staff Writer

College Readiness prepares students for their future when they enter college. This course is required for juniors to take to prepare for their senior year and beyond. This course helps out by covering content such as financial aid, student loans, finding the best fit college, etc..

Melissa Thiriez, the College Readiness teacher, says “College Readiness is a chance for students to really plan on getting prepared for their next step whether it is college or a job. It is the best opportunity for students to take the time to learn more about what steps will make them happy and lead them to a fulfilled life after high school.”

A student in College Readiness shares a similar sentiment, Melissa Espinal, a Tahoma junior, says “I learned so far how to prepare for my future like what I can do with my debts in college, what colleges I want to go and if they can provide what I need.”

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