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Adulting develops students’ lifelong skills

By C. M. Bateman

Tahoma Editor-in-Chief

The Expeditions course Adulting prepares students at Tahoma for real-world obstacles that their regular core classes cannot address. Instead of content like math and English, the class focuses on how to deal with responsibilities a typical adult faces, like personal finance, job application techniques and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

“I’ve become a lot more aware of my future and what I need to plan for,” Tahoma junior Annabelle Wilkinson said. “I’ve learned a lot of different life hacks … I’m able to understand more concepts that I hadn’t really heard of before in regards to being an adult and the responsibilities that come with it.”

This class at Tahoma teaches students how to lead successful lives in college and beyond. Aaron Calvert, the teacher of the Adulting class, prepares students for adult life through five separate areas of well-being: financial, personal, career, community and physical well-being.

“It’s really important to find someone who can help you learn about one of those areas,” Mr. Calvert said. By making this course practical and relevant and geared toward answering the students’ real questions, students are able to grow in confidence and understanding of life outside of school.

“There are a lot of resources out there, and I think a lot of high school students just aren’t aware of them or don’t take the time to look for them,” Mr. Calvert explained. “So really use your networks to learn more about the skills you’re gonna need to have and grow in the future.”

See below for a video about the Adulting course:

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