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Tahoma students explore new talents in Stage Combat class

By Omar El-Bandrawy and Caden Vu

Staff Writers

Stage Combat is a performing arts class that allows students to step out of their comfort zone with the respect of their peers and their teacher. This class teaches students about how fight scenes in movies and plays are done without endangering actors, but this isn’t the only aspect of the course. Stage Combat provides detailed insight into history’s most profound playwrights and techniques used on stage for plays. Some figures mentioned in the course are Shakespeare and Augusto Boal; the course also covers European sword fighting techniques.

“I designed my theater class to be a chance for people to try something new. It’s really rare for people to one, try to do any gymnastics and be upside down or try stage combat and to actually act out a fight scene … but it’s also a chance for people to be uncomfortable. There are people that are like, ‘Oh, I’ve never done this before, I’ve never been in front of a crowd learning how to present. Learning how to step out of your comfort zone and try something new,” Stage Combat teacher Keith Brown explained.

Tahoma sophomore Herschel Marcelo said the classroom culture helps achieve the course goal of pushing students out of their comfort zone: “This classroom is a very open-minded environment that is very suited to the way I learn. The teacher creates a very supportive learning environment where my peers won’t judge me for trying new things.”

See below for a video about the Stage Combat course:

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