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Programming course allows students to learn more about technology

By Aidan Bowen and Damian Pimentel

Staff Writers

At Summit Tahoma, there are two levels of programming courses; Intro to Programming is the second course in the sequence (which begins with Video Game Programming).

In Intro to Programming students are learning how to use the coding language to create and build digital websites, programs and even artificial intelligence. The instructor, Matthew Hesby, teaches his students the language and how to apply it to something they are creating. “It may be seem hard or overwhelming, but eventually many of those same students went off to college to study in computer science,” he said.

Programming has its own language it uses; code consists of normal letters and words but arranged in a way to make the computer be able to read it and make something happen.

“I want to work in the technological workspace so knowing how to code will definitely be important for that,” Tahoma sophomore Herschel Marcelo said.

See below for a video about the Intro to Programming course:

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