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Multimedia Political Journalism encourages young journalists

By Amanda Ahn and Justice White

Staff Writers

Multimedia Political Journalism is a course where students can learn and experience what it is like to be part of a working newsroom. Students learn teamwork, gain interviewing skills, and learn how to meet deadlines. Over the Expeditions courses, students in this class are given time to pick a topic, interview, make a video and write an article to inform the Summit community about different events, classes, or outside topics by publishing on our website, Summit News.

“I think a skill I will take out of this class is better video shooting and taking photos,” Tahoma freshman Caden Vu said.

The journalism Expeditions class is a course full of using one’s independence. Students are strongly encouraged to get out of their comfort zone when it comes to writing.

This course provides an introduction to communications media. Students are taught to look and take notice of all sides of any situation. As a result, the course helps students better understand different views and helps them write unbiased news articles. Students also practice writing opinion pieces that try to persuade or shift another’s views.

“When I first started the class, I didn’t know anything about articles or politics, but I learned a lot since then,” Tahoma freshman Polina Runova said.

The class is definitely different from other writing classes as it allows students to write about situations and topics they are genuinely interested in. The course helps students take advantage of their right to free speech by sharing their views with the Summit community, motivating the journalists to want to go deeper into their writing and research.

See below for a video about the Multimedia Political Journalism course:

Featured Image (at the top of this post): Tahoma student journalists visited the Spartan Daily newsroom at San Jose State University. PHOTO CREDIT: Liz DeOrnellas

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