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Intro to Video Production allows students to explore and create films

By Aakash Baliga

Staff Writer

We all love good movies, and Video Production takes you into the exciting world of how to produce your own small movie! Intro to Video Production is an introductory course taught by Vincent Nelson at Summit Tahoma, where students can learn and explore the basics of producing and analyzing films. Many of the projects in this class involve putting students in groups where they can have roles, take turns filming and produce a video around their given topic. Throughout their projects, students learn how to use cameras, edit footage and write shot-lists.

When asked about how students can use their skills from Video Production, Mr. Nelson said: “Honestly, the skills can be used in anything. In advertising, marketing, and just if you have to do a presentation, you can use it especially if you know how to edit.”

Tahoma freshman Matthew Monroy is a student in the morning class of Intro to Video Production, and he enjoys the class very much. Monroy expressed his enjoyment for the class by saying what he learned during the year: “Collaborating with others, editing, like trying to maintain control of people … really like life lessons. ”

The class is about learning, but students also get to have fun while they learn. Tahoma freshman Iona Robinson explained her favorite part of the class, and why she enjoyed it: “When we went to go see ‘Captain Marvel’ as a field trip, it was really fun because we also got to analyze the movie, and it gave us like a lot to think about.”

All in all, Video Production is a class that pushes students’ creativity and willingness to learn, letting students have fun and choose their own storylines. It also teaches students the valuable skill of being able to shoot high-quality video films, which can benefit them in careers that involve photography, or promotional films for many fields such as advertising, marketing and more.

See below for a video about the Video Production course:

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