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Human Sexuality allows students to explore new ideas

By Jannaya Garcia and Priya Kaur

Staff Writers 

Summit Tahoma offers a class called Human Sexuality as an Expeditions course that allows students to expand their definition of sexuality. In this course, students are able to learn about anatomy, reproduction, methods of safe sex and the emotional and physical responsibilities that come with it. Tahoma freshman Jasmine Castillo explained: “You get to learn about it comfortably.”

The purpose of this class is to educate students in a safe environment through hands-on projects and group work. One of the hands-on projects students enjoyed the most was building parts of the body with a model. This allowed them to explore different concepts through a physical representation.

“It’s really based around figuring out your values and your opinions and knowing yourself better so you can make healthy sexual decision-making,” instructor Rebecca Breuer said.

See below for a video of the Human Sexuality course:

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