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Human Rights class introduces students to current problems and solutions

By Polina Runova

Staff Writer

The Expeditions course Human Rights is about “helping students become aware about the different human rights that we have,” instructor Angel Barragan said. He also said the course is “talking about the way that [human rights] are not being done or that they are being violated in some way.”

The course addresses many past and present problems concerning a variety of human rights. Students are introduced to current issues and what action they can take to advocate. “A lot of current epidemics in America are related to human rights,” Lilith Flowers, a sophomore at Tahoma, added. “There’s a lot there that I didn’t really know.”

Students in the class use documentaries, conversations and research to learn about the violation of basic human rights. The class is taught in a way that makes different issues become more relatable to the students. Immigration, homelessness and police brutality are all topics the class covers.

“It’s a very open class,” Miranda Sigala, a freshman at Tahoma, said. She mentioned how students are welcomed “with open arms.” Despite the tough material, students say they feel welcome in the class. “I felt very comfortable here,” Sigala said.

“What I really hope the students get out of this is just an immense amount of awareness,” Mr. Barragan said. “If students are able to just remember some of the lessons that we taught in this class, or make sure that they just can’t look away when injustice happens, that will make me very happy.”

See below for a video about the Human Rights course: 

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