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Entrepreneurship provides students with a better future

By Yasmeen Ali and Aurylina Nguyen

Staff Writers

Summit Tahoma provides an Entrepreneurship course for students where they use their creativity to create their own establishment and also pitch their business to make it official.

Aaron Calvert, the teacher of the Entrepreneurship course, said, “Entrepreneurship is taking ownership of your idea and growing it and [entrepreneurship] helps solve a person’s problem as well as their wants or needs.”

The Entrepreneurship course uses a variety of activities that involve creative problem solving and a guide to creating your own business. With the knowledge of these activities, students have a better understanding of business in the future. Once students have a plan for their business, they present their ideas to investors, and, if the investors like the idea, students be able to make their business official.

Tahoma sophomore Kenny Tran mentioned the class “will help me in the future by starting a business or help me with my job. It will also help me in the future when I have to pay taxes, etc.”

Entrepreneurship is a class for everyone with a strong passion for a better future and a touch of hard work, as well as anyone with imagination. Students can grow because of the entrepreneurship class, the community of the classroom and the teacher.

According to Mr. Calvert, success is never a set in stone; however, as long as student try, learn and grow from their mistakes, they will not only grow as an entrepreneur but as a person.

See below for a video about the Entrepreneurship course:

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