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Crowds of people look at different projects and buy food in the open hallway. PHOTO CREDIT: Keith Dinh

Families and students come together to enjoy Rainier’s annual Celebration of Learning

By Karla Tran and Jasmine Villegas

Staff Editors

After walking through the gates of Rainier’s Celebration of Learning, families and students roamed from class to class enjoying the presentations the students put together from the work they’ve done throughout the school year. From the fresh popcorn to the handmade cotton candy, everyone seemed to have a great evening spending time with their friends and family.

There were many engaging activities that took place, such as raffles where people had a chance to win a flat-screen TV and other prizes. As people walked in, they were handed free tickets to join the raffle as a welcome from the school.

Video Production put together films made by the students and really showed the audience their creativity. Creative Writing held a contest within their class where students performed their work in a fun and unique Poetry Slam.

Stage Combat performed skits where they illustrated the illusion of physical fighting without hurting one another. Intro to Drama performed small plays for the audience to enjoy and really showed off their performing skills.

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Staff writers Amanda Flores and Judy Ly put together this slideshow.  

Journalism students went from class to class taking pictures and interviewing teachers and parents about their experience. Independent Study and Internship students displayed their work on posters all around campus, displaying what they created over the Expedition rounds this year.

Keith Stroken, a Rainier parent, said, “That was fantastic! A lot of the students had great things to say. A lot of beautiful imagery … This has been a neat experience to come here and just see what the kids are up to and what they’re doing and sort of first-hand experiences to see what other students experiences here was as well as my kiddos.”

Rainier English teacher, Sunli Kim, shared, “This was such a celebratory Celebration of Learning.  I really had fun listening to all of my mentees plans for the future from College Readiness and playing their video games. Seeing everyones’ independent learning presentations. Seeing their presentations from Human Rights and Ethnic Studies and how much work they put into research. Also the art galleries. My biggest regret was that I felt like there wasn’t enough time for me to go see everything, and I missed so many things I wanted to see.”

Click this link to see Rainier’s newsletter for more information about the Celebration of Learning showcase. Click here to see an interactive catalog of Rainier’s Expeditions courses. 

See below for a video of the event:

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