Video Production students collaborate to make films

By Juan Ambrosio, Osvaldo Ayala and Brayan Lozano

Staff Writers

The Expeditions course Video Production is a class were you learn about filmmaking. In this class, students make short films every Expeditions round; students are able to pick their topic for most of the films they make, but the teacher assigns work groups. 

Vincent Nelson, the Video Production teacher, is in his third year teaching at Summit Rainier. Every experience he gets to teach at this school, he enjoys it more and more. Mr. Nelson is very excited to continue teaching at Summit, and he looks forward to his future in filmmaking.

Rainier freshman Landon Garcia said he has learned a lot about filming; one technique he has learned and mastered was the rule of thirds. He has enjoyed filming and learning new film techniques with his friends.

Rainier sophomore Hannah Kuo is in her first year learning about film; ever since her group made their first film, she fell in love with filming and learning new techniques. Kuo is thinking of continuing to develop her love for film and is considering taking the advanced version of Video Production next year. She really enjoys the way Mr. Nelson teaches the class.

See below for a video of the Video Production course:

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