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Video Game Programming teaches students the basics of coding

By Deandra Han, Jennifer Rico and Karla Tran

Staff Editors

In Video Game Programming, students use coding to create their own video games; they get to make and play their own games! This course specifically introduces various coding software to students so that they can understand those tools at an in-depth level. Video Game Programming is the course taken before taking Intro to Computer Programming, and it prepares students for what is to come in the advanced course.

Matthew Hesby, the Video Game Programming Expeditions instructor, teaches students how to use special elements and codes to operate and run a video game. Students in this course learn how to code and create video games of their own; they can then play the games they made in class.

Mr. Hesby said, “[In] the Video Game Programming Expedition, we start off with a program called Scratch [where] students make programs using that, and then we switch over to a program called Fazer; afterward they use Javascript, and then students are able to choose from there which one they want to use going on. It’s a lot of work time; students are sitting down, making stuff, building.”

He continued: “Students don’t just program; they also have to draw out their sprites like: coming up with dialogue, coming up with stories and brainstorming what their games are going to be about.”

Rainier freshman Mark Solomita said, “[Video Game Programming] is interesting because it’s fun to see other people’s creations, and you find out what you could do with the knowledge you have with making video games; you don’t know your capacity when it comes to programming, but then you find out what you can do and it’s really satisfying to see your final product.”

See below for a video about the Video Game Programming course:

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