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Stage Combat course emphasizes trust and fighting techniques

By Deandra Han, Jennifer Rico and Karla Tran

Staff Editors

Stage Combat instructor Keith Brown teaches students fighting choreography, commonly known as stage combat, where they illustrate the illusion of physical fighting without causing harm to one another. Students get to use materials such as fake props to perform their acts live in class. This Expeditions class is not a UC-approved course; it is a pass/fail course.

Mr. Brown said, “I built my class to be a opportunity for students to try new things – specifically trying new theater techniques that some people probably have never done before. Trying to tell a story in a way they might not have tried before, in a way to get them out of their comfort zone. Trying something completely new and being used to being in discomfort so they can actually expand it out.”

Rainier sophomore Josh Macis shared, “We learned how to a stage roll, stage punch, stage push, and we just learned like all these different techniques, like how to, like, act in a safe way, so no one gets hurt. We learned how to have trust between your co-actor. In order to do these things you need trust with them. It kinda, like, builds trust as well.”

Taking this class builds trust with fellow performers; the staged or choreographed scenes look intriguing with dramatic, funny or serious performances. Next year the name of this course is changing to Experimental Theater, so look out for that new title in the course catalog!

See below for a video about the Stage Combat course:

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