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Life After Rainier helps seniors on their path to college

By Charlie Stattion and Jasmine Villegas

Staff Editors

Life After Rainier instructor Lissa Thiele guides seniors on their way to college by helping them brainstorm and design plans for the future. In this class, students are expected to organize the steps they need to take in order to get closer to their future goals. Many students do not have a clear idea of what they want to do after high school, and this class helps them with that.

“I am not the determinate of what success is for students,” Mrs. Thiele said. “I want students to develop their own sense of what that looks like, and that is something that students deserve to be able to build.”

Senior Jesus Baez said, “I grew not only as a student but also as a person.”

See below for a video about the Life After Rainier seniors course: 



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