Intro to Visual Arts students draw on their emotions

By Inderpal Sivia

Staff Writer

Visual arts is about being able to create something out of nothing to express an emotion.

Visual Arts instructor Mathew Scicluna said, “The purpose of art is to create and express yourself as a human and show an emotion through how we move through life.” This is key in describing art because you are using your imagination to paint or draw an image of something that might be symbolic to you or something close to you. It could even be something random like a cat or a similar picture you’ve seen before.

Students are able to describe how they might be feeling at a certain time through the pictures they are drawing and the colors they are using. Rainier freshman Amanda Brand said, “My favorite project was definitely the painting one” because it allowed her to do what she wanted; it gave her the freedom to express what she wanted in any which way.  

See below for a video about the Intro to Visual Arts course:

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