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Intro to Programming Expeditions course helps further students’ knowledge

By Deandra Han, Jennifer Rico and Karla Tran

Staff Editors

Intro to Programming gives students the freedom to explore new skills in coding; it is the advanced version of Video Game Programming offered to sophomores and up. Students in this class get to learn how to use codes to instruct a computer to do a certain task.

Rainier sophomore Lam To said, “The Intro to Computer Programming class is usually [a] similar format for each interval. [Mr. Hesby] has some checkpoints for us to do which we have to complete to get the basics of what the project is and then, after that, we customize and use what we learn to make something new. So it’s a lot of freedom and a lot of picking your own projects.”

Matthew Hesby, the Intro to Computer Programming Expeditions teacher, said his class consists of a lot of work time, reading and writing. During class, students need to be constantly researching online in order to complete their projects.

“In Intro to Programming, we do three projects that are web-development-based, so we start off with HTML and CSS, and then we add in Javascript. The fourth project we do is a competitive AI game where the students program their own AI and then they plug it into the game so that the AIs all kind of fight against each other,” Mr. Hesby added.

See below for a video about the Intro to Computer Programming course:

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