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Intermediate Visual Arts expands students’ creativity

By Deandra Han, Jennifer Rico and Karla Tran

Staff Editors

In Intermediate Visual Arts,  students use their unique skills to communicate their thoughts and ideas in artwork such as paintings, drawings and sketches. Students can express themselves using materials from simply a piece of paper and pen to advanced art materials to show how art can spark creativity. The Intermediate Visual Arts Expeditions course is taught by Mathew Scicluna and is the advanced version of Intro to Visual Arts.

To be placed in this class, the students must take a year of Intro to Visual Arts before moving up to Intermediate Visual Arts where students take the skills learned in their intro class and apply them to new projects. In this class, students are expected to produce quality work with the given assignments they’re assigned.

Mr. Scicluna shared, “Intermediate Art is the continuation of Intro to Art; we’re just furthering the technique of things that we learned in Intro – the fundamentals and the technique. So basically in Intermediate we are doing better drawing techniques, better painting techniques and even doing some printmaking.”

In addition, Rainier sophomore Angelica Cortez said, “In Intermediate Art, we create different pieces of art depending on the subject or theme that the teacher gives us … this class is interesting to me because I can expresses how I feel about certain things through art.”

Intermediate Visual Arts is both a VPA and UC-approved course; therefore, taking this course will be beneficial when applying to colleges.

See below for a video about the Intermediate Visual Arts course:

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