Human Sexuality course educates students about their developing bodies

By Juan Ambrosio, Osvaldo Ayala and Brayan Lozano

Staff Writers

Human sexuality is the way someone expresses themselves sexually, due to past experiences, physical and emotional behaviors and their biological sex. In the Human Sexuality course, students talk about experiences they have had during puberty, as well as other subjects such as safe sex, how their bodies are changing and other delicate topics.

Rebecca Breuer is the Human Sexuality teacher at Summit Rainier. This is her first year teaching here, and she is very excited to provide a safe environment for students to open up.

Rainier senior Ashley Cuellar explained that her course experience included learning new information about the parts of her body. She said, “We learn about the human body and learn about most common STDs.”

Rainier senior Francisco Lopez said his experience is very different from others. “Learning about the human body is pretty cool,” he said, adding that “class discussions can be sometimes awkward.”

See below for a student perspective on the Human Sexuality course:


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