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College Readiness provides advice for juniors

By Christian Frias and Cathy Ly

Staff Editors

The College Readiness Expeditions course is about life planning. Some of the topics the students discuss in class are their budget for college, what college they want to go to, what they want to major in when they get to college, etc.

Rainier junior Alan Do said, “Don’t procrastinate because in this class you’re going to be writing a personal statement that you will need for senior year, and you’re going to be calculating your finances, and you will really need to know all those details so you aren’t like struggling with finances and stress through your most important year through high school and your last year of high school.”

Rainier seniors have expressed that the course helped them with the college application process. Rainier senior Katherine Lim said, “After taking this course we were more familiar with the process of applying – all the student loans and all the scholarships – and the teacher actually sat there and explained things to us.”

See below for a video about the College Readiness course:

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