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Robotics course allows students to develop problem solving and creativity

By Khanh Nguyen

Staff writer

The Expeditions course Intro to Robotics teaches students to problem solve while working with LEGO robots that they create. Students are able to express their creativity and ideas in their creations.

The Intro to Robotics course teaches students about robotics using LEGO EV3 materials. It is offered to all grades, and students are given the opportunity to push themselves in their projects and reach beyond the requirements. The course allows students to build and program using various materials and software.

Sherri Taylor, the Intro to Robotics Expeditions instructor, teaches students to build their problem-solving skills while building and programming their robots. Ms. Taylor said, “One of the things you’ll learn in Robotics is probably problem-solving and growth mindset and self-determination … So what I expect from my students will lead you to that self-determination.”

Justin San Giovanni, a Rainier freshman, said, “My favorite part about Robotics is being creative with the LEGOS and the robots while being technical by using software and programming, and we add onto it. Just make it do whatever we want.”

Next year, students will be given the opportunity to work as interns after their initial year in the course. Interns will work with intro students on programming and troubleshooting issues.

See below for a video about the Intro to Robotics course:

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