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Life After Rainier prepares sophomores for their future

By Charlie Stattion and Jasmine Villegas

Staff Editors

The Life After Rainier Expeditions course is a class that helps prepare students for the path ahead of them. This class challenges students to think of the future and brainstorm what ideas they might have for themselves after high school.

Life After Rainier instructor Lissa Thiele explained that this course focuses on students realizing their purpose. She shared that the course is designed to “help students realize their maximum potential and who they can be” and that it “helps them define for themselves who they are and what their definition of success is. That is why we must have classes like this.”

Rainier sophomore Tuong Nguyen said, “It has taught me how to be a better person. It has helped me grow personally as an individual. It has helped me be more open and not be harsh on myself.”

See below for a video about the Life After Rainier sophomore course:










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