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Introduction to Psychology explores human behavior

By Katie Scribner and Amanda Yon

Staff Writers

The Introduction to Psychology Expeditions course is a college-level course that has students explore why people behave the way that they do. The course is taught by Tatyana Rikhter. Students get an overall understanding of human psychology and the reasons people behave the way they do.

In this course, students learn about the human brain, human behavior and the stages of a person’s development. The students learn complex material that they can use every day outside of class to help them know more about themselves and the people around them.

When asked about what she’s learned, Shasta senior Alexandra Velasco said, “I’ve learned a lot in this class, especially about the brain and about why people act in the way they do; and it’s very engaging; and it’s very interesting. Every day you learn something new.”

When the course teacher, Mrs. Rikhter, was asked why people would want to take this class, she responded by saying, “I think there’s a few reasons. No. 1, it’s a very challenging class; if you are a student that’s interested in doing college-level work, then this is the class for you.”

See below for a video about the Introduction to Psychology course:

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