Intro to Robotics allows students to view the world of engineering

By Lyanna Cruzat

Staff Writers

Intro to Robotics is a class about building robots in a hardware aspect and learning how to code the robots to perform certain tasks. They use the EV3 Lego robot to learn the different parts of any kind of robot. They use sensors and motors that are programmed and coded to follow certain tasks.

Intro to Robotics teaches the parts of a robot through an application using it as a driverless car. The purpose is to learn engineering skills in an engineering environment.

When asked what impact she hopes to have on her students, Intro to Robotics teacher Sherri Taylor said, “I hope the students walk out of this class with a feeling of self-accomplishment with all the hard work they put in and having new relationships with the people they worked with in class. I also expect that what would happen is that students will either reinforce the idea that they were already gonna be engineers and this class helped seal the deal, and there will be other students that did not realize they were gonna be engineers but would have a self-discovery moment through this class.”

See below for a video about this course:

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