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Expeditions course prepares students for the college process

By Zachary Navarra

Staff Writer

Amber Fields hopes to turn College Readiness from a class that is required for all juniors to a class all juniors want to take. The course itself is intended to help students navigate the college application process and prepare them for life after Shasta. Ms. Fields hopes to create personal connections with each of her students to further assist them with their college goals and plans.

Shasta junior Kathryn Currier-Herzallah said she believes that College Readiness allows students “to enjoy the privilege of lots of independent work time and self direction that you don’t necessarily get in other Expeditions. The work is researched based that you complete at your own liberty.” She continued by saying,“Ms. Fields is what I hope college is like.”

Ms. Fields said that, “I ask students to be vulnerable and also just be open.” She intends to create an environment where she can work with students to further their understanding of the college process and what they want to do with their lives after Shasta.

See below for a video about the College Readiness course:

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