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Course teaches students what it takes to make video games

By Jenny Hu

Staff Writer

The Expeditions course Video Game Programming provides the chance for students to use Scratch or Phaser (2D game engines) to learn Blockly and Javascript and to design their own video games on their own computers. For their projects, students come up with their own video game stories, animations and dialogue.

Video Game Programming teacher Matthew Hesby explained that in the two weeks of each Expeditions round, there has to be a lot of hard work and dedication put into students’ video games because they make the best of what they have. Mr. Hesby said students should be proud of what they create because there are students who are “really passionate about programming or […] drawing and animating” and who team up to make “some really top-tier high-quality games.”

Mr. Hesby said students should take this course “if you are the type of student that just wants to make stuff, wants time to sit and draw and program.” He said “it’s a great class for those who have an idea of what they want to create.”

When asked how this course helped her overall as a student, Shasta freshman Marisa Leong answered that it was helpful with “expressing a lot of my creativity because we make our own games.”

For Celebration of Learning, Video Game Programming is going to have their games up in an arcade so that people who come to support students can play them.

See below for a video about the Video Game Programming course:

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