Course shows students the basics of programming

By Jenny Hu

Staff Writer

The Expeditions course Intro to Programming teaches students how to program with JavaScript, HTML and CSS with a focus on web development. For the first three Expeditions rounds, students focus on web development, and, in the last round, they do a fun and competitive A.I. game.

Intro to Programming teacher Matthew Hesby said students “gain a lot of skills around being self-directed, looking things up, learning things on their own, asking for help and dealing with being frustrated and struggling with learning something that’s new to a lot of them.”

Mr. Hesby also added, “Students should take Intro to Programming if they have even a little bit of interest in programming. But they should also go into it knowing that it’s a class where there’s a lot of work that needs to be done.” This course is a UC-approved course; it is designed for sophomores and up.

When asked whether this course would be challenging for students, Shasta sophomore Vincent Chu said, “This course challenges your mind to think of creative ways to solve a test or programming … If you don’t work enough in class, the workload can be quite heavy. However, it is mostly how you use the class time.”

See below for a video about the Intro to Programming course:

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