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Cooking Fundamentals teaches students the basics of cooking

By Kalysta Frost

Staff Writer

Cooking Fundamentals is dedicated to teaching students the fundamentals of cooking so that they have the skills to cook for themselves. The class teaches students basic knife skills and more.

Brooke Hein, the Cooking Fundamentals teacher, said, “Cooking Fundamentals is designed for students who maybe have some experience in the kitchen or no experience in the kitchen and they’re looking for … an intro to the skills, the techniques and the knowledge to start making meals of their own and to start experimenting in the kitchen.”

Shasta junior Jayson Allison said, “I was actually able to compare different cultures and the way that they prepare their food and even in small regions of it … there was one project where I was able to crate pasta from different places and compare the sauces they use; even though they were really similar, they had some fundamental differences that it became very different from thickness and things of that sort.”

See below for a video about the Cooking Fundamentals course:

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