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Visual Arts class gives students confidence and sparks creativity

By Sophia Lim

Staff Writer

At Summit Shasta, the students in Meridith Burchiel’s Intro to Visual Arts class take their creativity to new levels as they learn the basic beginnings of art. Walking into the Intro to Visual Arts class might be overwhelming at first, but a closer glance shows the hard work and talent that students taking this course possess.

In the Intro to Visual Arts class, students have the opportunity to see and critique art from around the world, give presentations, create their own art and discover a greater appreciation for the arts.

Intro to Visual Arts also helps students gain skills that they can use to benefit in all areas of life. “When we have a better understanding of ourselves, it can help make our community more rich. You can show up as a better student for your other classes when you have a stronger sense of yourself,” Ms. Burchiel said.

Ms Burchiel’s passion for art and self-expression has sparked ideas in all of her students’ minds. “Ms. B inspires our class by showing us that we can do anything we want as long as we believe in ourselves because a lot of people in our class aren’t confident in their work,” Shasta junior Aneliese Tutasi said. “She believes in us more than we do ourselves, and she inspires us to be who we want to be.”

Summit Shasta’s Intro to Visual Art class has changed students’ perspective on art and opened their minds to new possibilities. “After taking this class I’ve learned that anything can be art. If you think it has meaning then it’s art. This class has helped me realize that and has really expanded my creativity,” Shasta junior Kyle Weber said.

See below for a video about the Intro to Visual Arts course:

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