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Intrapreneurship allows students to be creative

By Sophia Woehl 

Staff Writer

In the Intrapreneurship Expeditions course, students have the opportunity to learn how creativity can be used in business. Students work to become intrapreneurs by finding problems within companies and thinking of innovative solutions. Students go on field trips to for-profit and nonprofit organizations where they identify problems and then work to help the companies.

Danica Lyming is both the Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship Expeditions teacher at Summit Shasta. Many students go into this class with no idea what Intrapreneurship means; Ms. Lyming defined it as: “When you work for a company and you change the way they do things to make it more effective and more efficient and more innovative.” When asked why she teaches these courses to high school students, she said, “I think that is it important for high schoolers to get an introduction into business in high school before they go into college or into the world after that.”

Shasta freshman Ashley Lee is an Intrapreneurship student, and she has learned more than just business skills. She said, “This class impacts my life because, not only do I learn about business as a potential career for me in the future, but I also learn about problem-solving skills, creativity and just thinking outside the box to make my life more efficient.”

Although many students have enjoyed this Expeditions course, it will most likely not be offered next school year. Instead, Ms. Lyming will be supervising an Independent Study class.

See below for a video about the Intrapreneurship course: 


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